Saturday, August 15, 2009

Preparing for Visit Trip #2!

Well, there's nothing new to report on our case since my last post 2 months ago. However, we've decided to go down to Guatemala for a visit. We plan on going in November for Olivia's birthday (and the Court hearing, the next day), but thought we needed to see her before that. We'll be going 3 weeks from today.

The re-do of our dossier will be complete this week and will be sent on it's way for certification and authentication. Hopefully, we'll have it all back to us in time to take it to Guatemala with us and deliver it to our attorney in person.

We're hoping that when we're down there, we can do something, ANYTHING to light a fire under these people to get them to move on our case.

We received these pictures of Olivia recently, enjoy!