Friday, January 29, 2010

Olivia's First Day of School!

Olivia started pre-school on January 15th. She's attending a Christian school called "Jardin Infantil Las Ovejitas". She goes Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. till 11:50 a.m. Along with the basic pre-school curriculum, she'll also be learning some English there. Then, once a week for two hours, she has an English class outside of school, at the "Academie de Ingles Liason". The Guatemalan school year goes from January thru October. Hopefully by the time school is out for them, (or maybe sooner) she'll be home with us! We shall see.

No news on our case, we really don't expect any until the hearing in June. We have however booked our next trip for March 17-22 and are looking forward to seeing our little "school girl"! She has told her foster family that she can't wait till we come visit again, so she can tell us all the things she's learning in school!

We've actually been emailing with the foster family while trying to get the school situation arranged, so it's nice to finally have some direct contact with them. The translation is a little rough at times, but I think we each get our points across eventually.

They sent us the following pictures of Olivia's first day. Both Brenda (foster mom) and her husband took Olivia to school. They are such sweet, loving people! Olivia is blessed to have them in her life! Enjoy!

Too cute! Must have been a chilly morning...probably about 65 degrees!

Brenda probably saying goodbye to Olivia.