Monday, July 9, 2012

Our Olivia & 350+ Children Need Your Help on Tuesday 7/10/12

Dear Family & Friends,

Last week we, (the parents waiting for their children to come home from Guatemala) delivered a letter to Secretary of State Clinton asking for her help in bringing our kids home. (Visit our group's blog to see the letter and find out more about our fight -- ). Please join us by contacting the Secretary on behalf of our children and ask for her support. She has side-stepped this issue in the past but now it has gone on too long and she can't ignore it anymore. Take a look at the 8 second video below the letter on the link above and you'll see what this is doing to our kids, to our families.  PLEASE help us.  You can do so by picking up your phone on Tuesday, July 10th.

Call Secretary Clinton's office at (202)-647-5291 and use this script below (or something similar):

I am an adoptive parent (friend of/grandparent) to a child who is still waiting in Guatemala for 5+ years. A letter was delivered last week to Secretary Clinton asking for her involvement in ending this humanitarian disaster and bringing these kids safely home. The previous two Guatemalan administrations promised to resolve these cases but that was proven to be simply rhetoric followed by inaction. Four + years is long enough for these children to wait to have a family. This child is 6 1/2 years old, living in an orphanage while her room at home is empty.

I would like Secretary Clinton to please read this letter and take it seriously.  A simple adoption process has turned into a crisis as these children spend their formative years in institutions when a forever family waits for them.  I believe Secretary Clinton can help.  We need her. These children need her.

Also, if you could forward this email to your email contacts, Facebook friends, Twitter, blogs or any social media tonight and tomorrow, it would be greatly appreciated.

We're praying that Sec. Clinton will get the message tomorrow when her phone lines are flooded with people supporting our children.

Thank you so much!
God bless,
Sue & Bryan