Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's Been 4 Years.

If you look to the left at the "We've Been Waiting" ticker, you'll notice that today it simply reads '4 years'. February 26th, 2007 we embarked on this adoption journey, never imagining that this much time would pass without having our baby home.

The progress that we had hoped our case would make since we last saw Olivia almost 9 months ago, has not materialized and we've had no indication that things will be moving any time soon. But we are not the only ones going through this. There are approx. 382 active adoption cases still left to be resolved in Guatemala and those families have formed a group called the Guatemala 900 and we are fighting to get our children home.

This month the Guatemala 900 has asked each of the waiting families to write a Valentine letter to their child. They are hoping to bring a new awareness to our struggle to bring our children home. Today our letter to Olivia is featured. Once you've read our letter, please feel free to make a comment at the bottom of the letter, then click on the links to the right to read the many other Valentine's from the other families to their children.
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We are weary, but we are not broken.
With God all things are possible.