Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Emily! June 9th Then & Now

Olivia & Emily ~ 2010

Happy 11th birthday to our Emily! June 9th this year has been much better than June 9th of 2010.

This picture was taken last year in Guatemala just a few days before our Court hearing on the 9th where Olivia was taken to the orphanage. We were heartbroken, it was a very bad day. Here we are one year later and no closer to a resolution in our case than we were then. The DNA situation has been at a standstill since October last year. Our next Court hearing is on June 21st. We have a new judge, a lady this time. We've heard that she wants to get these remaining cases resolved, so we're hoping she can do something to get ours moving again.

I'll post again once we have word of how the hearing went. Prayers would be appreciated!