Friday, December 17, 2010

3 More Months Have Passed and So Has Someone Very Special

It's been over three months since my last post and I'm afraid the news we received a few days ago is not at all what we had hoped. Again.

The 2nd DNA test run to determine whether this lady is Olivia's grandmother was halted because apparently someone decided that a proper result could not come from the samples taken of just the "grandparent" and child, that an intermediate generation has to be tested as well to determine kinship. This does not come as a surprise to me, because I had done a little research on DNA testing myself, back after the results of the first test came back. With a few simple emails to a U.S. genetics lab, I found out quite easily that the kind of test the lab in Spain was running, with just the two samples, would more than likely come back inconclusive. I was told that for the most accurate results, a family member from the generation between the two would be needed. Ideally the suspected birth mother, but as you know, she has washed her hands of this whole situation and can't be found. Before the second test was done in September, I emailed my findings to our attorney, hoping she or someone would mention it to the "powers-that-be" to insure this latest test would be done properly this time. Apparently, no one got the memo.

So now, after waiting 3 more months for a result and not getting one, the judge has ordered yet another test and for new samples to be taken sometime in January from Olivia, the "grandmother" and an alleged uncle. Add 3 months to that, we're looking at March or April to get an answer. The hardest part is that we have no voice, no recourse, no input. There is little to nothing we can do to aid or alter the situation. It's a difficult thing to feel helpless, especially when it comes to your child.

One month ago today, Bryan's dad went home to Heaven. For those of you who don't know, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on Oct. 1st and passed on Nov. 17th. We are so thankful and so blessed that we know beyond any shadow of a doubt, that he is with Jesus this very minute and that we will indeed see him again one day. However, it saddens us to know that he will never meet his youngest granddaughter Olivia, this side of Heaven. She would have loved her Poppy. We just keep reminding ourselves that God's plan and timing are perfect.

So it's the week before Christmas. The Christmas we had so hoped would be Olivia's first one home with us. The first Christmas without Poppy. It doesn't sound like we have much to celebrate this year, does it? We still do. We'll celebrate the fact that Poppy is 100% healed and spending Christmas with his Savior. We'll celebrate that Olivia is in a wonderful, loving place and will share the joys of Christmas this year with all her new friends. We'll celebrate our family and just how precious each and every one of them is. And we'll celebrate the hope and the true meaning of Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Olivia.

Merry Christmas, Poppy.

Merry Christmas everyone. We pray that 2011 brings good news, we'll keep ya posted.

God bless.