Thursday, November 20, 2008

Where Our Case Stands at the Moment

Our case is different than most in that, during the 21 months since we started this process, the last 16 months have been at a complete standstill. No progress or movement at all..... until now.

We've been told by our agency director that our attorney in Guatemala will be presenting our case to the Court very soon, before the year's end. From what we understand, the judge will either approve our case or reject it. Beyond his/her decision, we're not sure yet what would happen next. Obviously we're praying that it's approved to continue so Olivia can come home to us. With that, there's also the possibility that Olivia could be removed from her foster family (who she's been with for a year now) and put into an orphanage until the case is completed. We have written a letter to the judge to impress upon him/her that we do not want that to happen as it is not in her best interest and would confuse and upset her terribly. Our attorney has spent the majority of the year compiling all kinds of documentation and evidence to support our case and she says (with the Lord's help) she feels positive about the outcome, but it's definitely an uphill battle as the adoption system down there is very unstable and unpredictable.

We would ask that you keep Olivia, our attorney Beyla and our case in prayer. Specifically for the judge to decide in our favor and that this whole thing could be settled quickly and then also that Olivia not be removed from her foster family.

We haven't received a specific Court date yet, but we're sure it's going to be happening soon. We'll keep you posted.


Traci said...

Bryan and Sue,

I will be praying for your specific requests. You both have been shining testimonies with what you have gone through with this whole situation. I'm sure it has been very difficult.

I love your blog site. Keep the updates coming. Tim and I will pray together tonight for your specific requests.

The Little Family

ft leavenworth said...

She is such a precious angel. We will be praying for little Olivia to be able to come home soon and stay in her foster care home until that day comes! Stay encouraged, God loves her even more than you do and He will answer all prayers prayed in His will! I pray that His will is for her to be in your arms soon! Love you guys!
Christy and Derrick

ft leavenworth said...

Why this says Ft. Leavenworth is beyond! Too funny.

The Huffs said...

I said an extra prayer for Olivia tonight! I pray that she will be home soon and I pray there will be no orphanage... That she will stay where she is until she is with her forever family. Here's a hug... ****HUG****