Friday, September 4, 2009

Off To See Our Girl Again!

In a few short hours we'll be on our way to Guatemala to see Olivia! Hopefully we won't have to wait as long this time for her foster family to bring her to the hotel.....we shall see.

We're not sure what to expect on this trip. We made it clear that we want to talk to someone and get to the bottom of why nothing it has happened in the 3 months since the last hearing. There's a slight possibility that our attorney, Beyla might get us in to talk to the judge on our case. We've been reminded that he's not a very friendly fellow......again, we'll see what happens.

We're returning Wednesday night, so hopefully Thursday or Friday I'll have an update and a report on our trip.

We appreciate everyone's continued prayers!



Traci~ Ordinary Inspirations for the everyday wife, mommy, and homemaker said...

YAY............. We'll be praying for a safe trip, and that progress will be made!

The Little Family

Stacie said...

How exciting you get to visit Olivia again! I'm sure you will have a wonderful time together. I will be praying that you hear some positive news on her case and things start moving along so that Olivia may come home to you!
Be safe!

Greg and Felicia Huff said...

Praying for all of you. I pray that your trip there will "light a fire" underneath the judge and he will see through your eyes just how important it is to have your little girl home. God Bless. Tell Brenda and family I said hello. :)


kalibug said...

Praying that you will have a surprise by they allowing you to have the court hearing and are so much closer to bringing her home.

Gardenia said...

praying for you and Little Olivia.

Beth in MN said...

Can't wait to hear the report from your trip. Looking forward to some good news.