Friday, July 15, 2011

We Finally Have Some Info

Well it's been 3 1/2 weeks since the last hearing on our case and we finally had a conference call with our attorney last night.

She told us that at the June 21st hearing, the "grandmother" and her family members who were required to show up to provide blood samples for the DNA testing, were once again a no-show. This has been the pattern since last October, that's 8 extra months we've been waiting to get this DNA ball rolling again. Apparently the sense of urgency is exclusive to our end of things.....

The new judge on our case set the next hearing for August 8th. She ordered that the PGN locate and bring the "grandmother" and her family members to the hearing. We're praying that they show this time.

Our attorney saw Olivia at the hearing. She said she's gotten bigger and that Olivia spoke to her about her foster family and us. She said she looked very pretty, but sad.

We have heard so many different things from other families going through this nightmare, about how they're hearing these cases are being processed, that we just have no idea at this point which way our case will go once we get a DNA result. We flip back and forth about what the best case scenario would be for the results. If it's a match.....the family has shown they're not interested so, will they relinquish their rights? If it's not a match, then we could get a Certificate of Adoptability, but will that mean that the authorities will try to find yet another Guatemalan family to take Olivia before they settle on us? There are so many different possibilities at this point, we just don't know what specifically to pray for. The rules and procedures seem to change with the wind.

I guess the only thing we can do is ask God to open whatever doors necessary so she can come home to us. To really work in the hearts of all the adoption entities in Guatemala who don't seem to see or care what all this waiting and lackadaisical attitude are doing to the children and their families. There are still so many families waiting, just like us, and all our babies need to come home, now.


Traci Michele said...

Praying! Love you guys... what a trial of patience and endurance this has been for your family.

God bless you all...


Christy B said...

Wow!!! Olivia is such a blessing and I will continue to pray that she would be home with you soon! Your testimony of strenght, perserverance and faith in this LONG trial has been an example to all of us! Sweet Olivia has grown up not only in Guatemala but in our hearts as well. Love, prayers, and blessings!

Terri Fisher said...

Praying for strength for you and's so hard to understand why this is happening, but I cling to the fact that God has a plan!