Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our Attorney DID Meet With the CNA Yesterday

We got a phone call from our agency director, Lymaris this afternoon to let us know that our attorney, Beyla did indeed have her meeting with the CNA yesterday. (For those of you not familiar with the "CNA", it's the name for the Guatemalan Central Authority on Adoptions. The part of their government that took over adoptions down there a year ago when the government took control of the process.) Our case had been registered with them last year (as were all cases still in process), but since our case is such a tough one, Beyla thought it best to start by introducing them to our case and get their "blessing" right up front, before proceeding to the Court, who could potentially tell her to turn around and get the CNA approval anyway.

The report was that the meeting went well and this first step was successfully completed. The next step will be presenting before a judge.

When this happens, we have some specific things we need prayer for.
  • First, that this takes place quickly. We hope to hear of a court date soon.
  • Second, that we get a judge with compassion and a heart for these children.
  • Third, that Olivia will be able to stay with her foster family until the completion of the adoption. Apparently there's a real possibility that she could be removed from that home and put into a hogar (orphanage). That would not be acceptable!
  • And fourth, in an abandonment situation, before the court will grant a Certificate of Abandonment (COA) which allows the adoption to proceed, there must be a search for a relative who might be willing to take the child in. Lymaris said this mandatory search, could take as long as 6 months. However, Beyla is prepared to show the judge the year-and-a-half long search that different people have done on our behalf to no avail with the hopes that the judge will "credit" our case with that previous search time, so their search won't drag out for months.
We're thankful to pass this hurdle as the CNA could have shut the adoption down completely at Tuesday's meeting, but they didn't. We believe Olivia will come home to us and we pray that what has to happen to get her here from this point on, will go quickly and smoothly. That said, these things rarely go quickly or smoothly with Guatemalan adoptions these days, we know we still have a journey ahead of us, but she is SO worth it!


The Heinrichs said...

Yes! This is such a step in the right direction! Praying you get those court dates and soon! That sweet little girl needs to be home!!!

The Huffs said...

This sounds very positive!!! I will keep all of you and pray that Olivia is allowed to remain with Brenda. I can't tell you enough how wonderful she is. Her entire family was better than we could have ever imagined. Otoniel was and Olivia is in a home where they were/are treated as if they are part of the family. Otoniel said that Olivia's momma was "Momma Susan" the other day!!! He says I am "Momma Felicia" I chuckled! He obviously thinks a lot of Olivia and talks about her often. :)


mamachat said...

Sue and Bryan I think of you often and continue to pray for your family and that Olivia will be with soon. Love you guys.

Linda C.

Kim & Dave said...

I just discovered your blog through another Guate adopting family's blog. I just wanted you to know-I will pray for your case, & your sweet olivia.

We also are homeschooling our oldest (our younger two-our two guat tots-are 2 & 1-so still too young).