Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Prayers Please

Today we found out that Olivia is sick with the chickenpox. I feel so bad, because we should be there for her, poor little thing. We do know she's being well cared for though, which is a comfort to us as well as to her, I'm sure.

So, after finding this out and feeling sad that we can't be with her to nurse her back to health, we got another email from Lymaris, our agency director stating:

" ...I wanted to let you know that after my last email, I got an email from your previous attorney saying that he had gotten a citation to present her (Olivia) within 48 hours. It seems the CNA is going over all the registered cases and so I immediately called Beyla (current attorney) to ask what we need to do...She is trying to talk to the CNA head person today and hopes to have some guidance later on today as to what they want and what we should do. This is where I will really need your prayers, that this is not an attempt to move her to an orphanage and that it is merely their verification of the
existence of the child, etc... However - I do not want to get ahead of myself although I am worried, and of course the timing could not be worse with her sickness and all. I will be getting back to you as soon as I have some concrete info..."

It sounds like this may be a very big deal or no big deal. If you would, please pray very hard for the latter to be the case. If they have to take Olivia out to meet with officials while she's so sick, I'm very concerned. If they don't take her out to meet with officials because she is sick, could be even worse. Our hope is that this is just part of a verification process and that they don't use this as an attempt to take her away from the foster family.

Anyway, not the best news. Hopefully we'll get more info soon. Thanks everyone for your on-going prayers and support!


The Heinrichs said...

Praying for you and sweet Olivia! I hope she gets over the chickenpox soon!

Praying for good news!!!

Greg & Felicia Huff said...

We are praying for your little sweetie. I'm praying for all of you. She is in good hands. :)