Thursday, February 5, 2009

Olivia Goes to Court on Friday

To update our post from yesterday. Olivia will be presented to the Court tomorrow, chicken pox and all. We've been told that our former attorney Mr. Gallo (who has not been on our case for about a year), will be taking her and presenting our case, not our current attorney, Beyla who has been preparing for almost a year for this appearance.

Anyway, apparently the following will be decided at this hearing:

That the case will immediately proceed to an abandonment ~OR~ they will once again continue the search for the birth mother.

Also, that Olivia will be able to stay with her current foster family through the duration of the process ~OR~ that she will be removed from that home and put into an orphanage. (This could really happen, and would be devastating to her.)

We are praying that obviously we get the go-ahead for the abandonment and that she's able to stay where she is. We also pray the judge is compassionate and will make the right decision.

Olivia needs all the prayers we can get right now!

We will post again once we know the outcome.


The Heinrichs said...

Please keep me posted...a million prayers coming your way!

Hugs~Deanna Brent and Auri

Greg and Felicia Huff said...

What a difficult day this must be for you and your family. I pray that her case will be considered an abandonment and you will be able to proceed. God, please be with this family today. Be with Olivia and God, please let her stay in the loving home she's in now. Please - no orphanage! Hang in there. Keep us posted.

We are praying her home!


Traci said...

I will be praying all day today! I love you guys!