Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An Angry Volcano + a Tropical Storm + a Surreal Sinkhole = ... a Date with the Judge!

This past week has been a stressful one to say the least.

As time has been growing closer to June 9th, our Court date, the realities of what may or may not be decided by the judge that day have been weighing on my mind. Couple that with the last minute projects I've created for myself that
must be done before we leave. (I've always worked best under a modest amount of pressure........)

Last Wednesday, 10 days before our departure, I find out that my dear brother is in the hospital ICU in very serious condition. Now all my focus is on him and praying for his recovery.

Two days later on Friday, I'm watching the morning news and see that our "favorite" Guatemalan volcano, Pacaya, the one that we see from our hotel, has erupted. What?!! People have been evacuated, the airport is shut down and there's 2 inches of ash everywhere. Knowing that Olivia lives relatively close to Pacaya, I immediately emailed her foster family to make sure they were all safe.

Then Saturday the first tropical storm of the season pounds Guatemala with as much rain in several hours as they would normally get in a year. Oh my word!
How is my child?!
Where is my child?!
What's going on???!

After spending the weekend visiting my brother and seeing that he is much better and on the mend, we return home Sunday night to find an email from Olivia's foster family, saying that they are all okay and safe. Praise the Lord on both counts!

Monday, we see pictures of the sinkhole in Guatemala City. Have you
seen the sinkhole? Absolutely surreal.

Now we're thinking...... with all this turmoil all at once in this small Central American country, are we still going to be able to go as scheduled? Should we go? Will our hearing be postponed? If so, for how long this time? Will this set our case back even more?

We've been trying to get answers to all these questions for days now and thanks to our wonderful friend and translator, Mirna, we now know that our hearing is indeed still on for Wednesday! With 2 1/2 days to spare before we leave!

We'll be off bright and early Saturday morning and will send updates as often as we can. Please pray for safe travels, safety while we're there, that the judge allows us to finally go ahead with Olivia's adoption and for all the people of Guatemala who are struggling right now. Thanks!


Traci Michele said...

So glad your brother is doing better! You and I are a lot alike... thriving and stressing under "modest" amounts of pressure.


It must be even crazier for you since you've been there!

Praying praying praying! The Lord knows... but I will pray that it will be soon! You've waited LONG enough :-)


Christy B said...

Oh my word! I cannot believe all that activity all at once. God is so good and I praise Him for protecting your little angel. We will be praying for safe travels and a merciful judge. Love and prayers,
Christy and fam

Laina said...

I did see that picture of the sinkhole on yahoo news the other day. Scary looking! I didn't know that was so close to where your little girl lives! I'm glad your brother is okay. I am on pins and needles about your upcoming court date. I hope it brings some good news for you! Let me know how it all works out! :)

The Heinrichs said...

Praying for you all in so many ways!!! Keep us posted!!!