Sunday, June 6, 2010

Some Pictures From Our Trip So Far

Today, we slept in, lazed around, had a nice lunch, shopped some, got stuck in the mall during a heavy rain shower, and just had a very low-key day. Here are some pictures from yesterday and today.

Pacaya, behaving herself.

Volcanic sand on the window sill.

Enjoying some breakfast.

Sun setting on Guatemala for today.


Laina said...

awwwww...great pictures :)

Christy B said...

Ok, four things... 1. LOVE this child! 2. Love how the sisters are always in matching outfits! 3. Sue, you look gorgeous in your picture and finally 4. I can't even believe how grown up Emily is looking. Right before our eyes she is changing into a little lady.

Traci Michele said...

Those were amazing PICS! So glad you are having a great time. Praying!