Saturday, June 5, 2010

We've Arrived!

We touched down in Guatemala about an hour after we were scheduled to due to some luggage delay in Atlanta and arrived at the hotel about 1:30. For some reason in Atlanta, we were bumped up to first class seats! So sitting on the runway for an extra hour, didn't really seem so bad! (The hot towels and fancy filet mignon lunch complete with dense chocolate cheesecake for dessert didn't hurt either!)

Flying over and into Guatemala, we tried to see what the volcano/storm damage was. Of what we could see out the window, the rivers were muddy and there were areas on some of the mountainsides where the ground washed away, but we couldn't really see any extensive damage where we were looking. Pacaya (the offending volcano) seen from the hotel today, is quiet.

The clean-up effort in the city is still going on, but I must say, they've done a wonderful job. There are piles of black volcanic sand (not ash) on the sides of the streets that they're putting into bags and hauling off. And we've been told that that big sinkhole that we've all seen pictures of? Is small compared to the one they had last year in the same area! Really??!!

Olivia's foster family brought her to us shortly after 5:00 and said that the trip in from their home which normally takes about 45 minutes, took them 2 hours due to washed out bridges and bad road conditions.

Olivia is awesome! She charged towards me full speed when they entered the hotel lobby. We were talking to Mirna and all of a sudden there she was. I'll tell ya, that does a mommy's heart good!

We don't have anything scheduled for tomorrow, so we'll just take it easy. We have an appointment at the U.S. Embassy on Tuesday morning and of course Wednesday morning is our much anticipated hearing.

So stay tuned!


The Heinrichs said...

So glad you are all together! Mmmm...sounds like an awesome lunch on that flight!!! Praying that is a sign of what is to come out of the hearing!!!

Laina said...

Have a wonderful time! That's great that there has been so much progress with the progress with that sinkhole. That thing was scary looking.

Terri Fisher said...

So glad that your trip was able to go as planned! We were praying and will continue to pray as Wednesday approaches! God is good!!!!

Christy B said...

My heart skipped a beat when I saw your blog update email in my inbox! So glad to hear you got there safe and with the extra blessings of a comfy ride and full belly :) We will be praying and keep us posted. Give Olivia a hug for us, can't wait to give her one in person! Love,